Sorry for not updating the blog in a while.  2015 has been a very challenging year for me with other more pressing matters to handle.  I will try my best to pick it (updating the blog) up again but if there’s another fan out there who can do a better job of updating more frequently, please drop me a line (via comment box) and I will happily pass the baton to another fan to manage the blog.

Wishing all LSY fans a happy 2015 and a successful year for Lee Sang Yoon with more awesome projects to hit our screen! Don’t forget to catch the man in his cameo role in “Unkind Women” Episode 3 to air on March 4, 2015.



Here are some pics of LSY at “Granny’s Got Talent” movie premiere on February 26 looking suave and handsome as always ❤ ❤   His agency mate, Lee Young Eun who acted with LSY in 2007 drama “Likeable or Not” is cast in this movie.

Photos CR : LSY Baidu


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[20150210] Lee Sang Yoon’s Fan Meeting in Tokyo, Japan

Lee Sang Yoon was spotted at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on February 9, 2015. Wow, he has that Professor Ha Woo Jin vibe with the outfit and the glasses on! Photos courtesy of @LeeSangYunJapan on twitter 🙂  Sorry, pics are kinda blurry XD

20150209-Haneda Airport-1 20150209-Haneda Airport-2 20150209-Haneda Airport-3 20150209-Haneda Airport-4

Looking forward to seeing photos/videos of the fans having fun at the event and getting up, close and personal with LSY ❤

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[20120207] Dashing Lee Sang Yoon at “Liar Game” co-star, Jo Jae Yun’s wedding

Lee Sang Yoon has been keeping rather busy in 2015 so far; taking part in the Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival, opening of DECKE Store and now, attending the wedding ceremony of his Liar Game’s co-star, Jo Jae Yun  (DalGoo ahjussi).  His leading ladies in “Liar Game”, Kim So Eun and “Angel Eyes”, Goo Hye Sun were also invited guests at the happy event.

Here he is with Kim So Eun ready for a group photo with the groom and bride 🙂


Looking debonair and oh so handsome in his dark formal suit ❤ ❤

20150207-2 20150207-3 20150207-4


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[20150206] Strikingly Handsome Lee Sang Yoon attending DECKE’s store opening

On February 6, Lee Sang Yoon was the celebrity star in attendance for the DECKE’s opening at Incheon Shinsegae Department store.

Lee Sang Yoon was wearing similar color-toned suit as the DECKE ADEL Tote Bag he was carrying.  His naturally styled hair along with the eye-catching fashion, in addition to his gentle smiles and gentlemanly manners, captivated the hearts of his female fans and his image lives up to his nickname “National Eomchinah”.

Drop-dead gorgeous indeed ❤ ❤ ❤


20150206-Naver-1a 20150206-Naver-2



Pics credit as tagged


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[20150121] Lee Sang Yoon voted MVP in JinHon’s winning game against Atti

진혼 VS 아띠 45:39

JinHon won against Atti with a scoreline of 45 : 39 with Sang Yoon netting 11 points for his team in his team’s second game played on January 21. In JinHon’s first winning game in the Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival, Lee Sang Yoon was chosen as the MVP (Most Valuable Player) beating out his team-mate Shin Sung Rok for the honour ❤ Congrats to Sang Yoon on an outstanding performance for his team.  He still has the power in him to play competitive basketball and it was such a delight watching him strut his stuff on court!!  DAEBAK ❤

After two games, it looks like Sang Yoon is top of the Rebound Table with 14 rebounds with his team-mate, Shin Sung Rok at No. 4 with 11 🙂  많은축하해!

20150121-JinHon vs Atti - Rebound

20150121-JinHon-Hanstar-4 20150121-JinHon-Hanstar-3 20150121-JinHon-Hanstar-2 20150121-JinHon-Hanstar-1 20150121-JinHon son-LSY MVP-3

Source : Hanstar1  Hanstar2 Hanstar3 Pics cr as tagged.


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[Video/GIFs] Lee Sang Yoon, the celebrity basketball star

Enjoy XD

Lee Sang Yoon was really impressive in this match, thrilling us with his basketball skills and the three-point field goal was the highlight of the game he played for Jinhon against Rainbow Stars.  Here’re a couple of GIFs of our celebrity basketball star delivering his 3-pointer shot and a free throw. Amazing ❤

LSY long shot 20150115 (2) 20150115-LSY free throw

Lee Sang Yoon’s team JinHon’s next game will be on January 21 at 21:00hrs.  Good Luck and may the best team win. GO GO GO! JINHON!  FIGHTING! LEESANGYOON ❤ ❤

Festival Schedule

20150115-Jinhon vs Rainbow-SSR-6 20150115-Jinhon-7 20150115-Jinhon-10 20150115-Jinhon-18


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[Photos] Arena Homme+ Interview Text and Pictorial Spread on navercast

Full  magazine interview text plus pictorial spread of Lee Sang Yoon in Arena Homme+ (January 2015 edition) is available on navercast.

2a 1a3 4

Source : navercast

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20150115 Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival – Lee Sang Yoon’s team Jinhon lost to Rainbow


15일 용인실내체육관에서 개막한 ‘다문화 가정과 함께하는’ 한스타 연예인 농구대잔치에서 진혼의 이상윤(오른쪽)이 레인보우 스타즈 선수를 뿌리치고 레이업 슛을 하고 있다. 진혼은 이상윤이 10득점을 하면서 선전했으나 레인보우 스타즈에게 45-55로 패했다. (조성호 기자)

In their first game on January 15, 2014, Jinhon lost 45 : 55 to Rainbow Stars.   Our star, Lee Sang Yoon scored 10 points 🙂  Good luck to Lee Sang Yoon and Jinhon in their next game, FIGHTING ❤

MVP for this match was Rainbow Stars’ Jin Woon of 2AM.

Photos cr : Hanstar LSY Baidu, TVReport


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[Video] 20150110 Lee Sang Yoon in action for the Celebrity Basketball Team

Enjoy this video of Lee Sang Yoon playing basketball for the All-Star Celebrity Team on January 10, 2015 posted on youtube by @LSY rurian.  Watch him run, block, defend and shoot like a real basketball pro!!

20150110-1920150110-21 20150110-2020150110-2220150110-23

Congrats to Lee Sang Yoon and his team on winning this game against the SK’s Asian Games’ Gold Medalist Team.

The “Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival” will begin on January 15 and Let’s hope his team, Jinhon will go on to lift the inaugural tournament cup 🙂   FIGHTING SANG YOON ❤


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[Video] Lee Sang Yoon’s on-screen kisses (2007 – 2014)


January 10, 2015 · 4:38 pm

[Hanstar 20150108] Lee Sang Yoon to play in the “Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival,” First-Ever Celebrity Basketball League starting on January 15


The “Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival” for multicultural families will open on January 15 in Yongin. It is the first-ever celebrity basketball tournament in Korea.

The tournament will consist of seven teams, six of which (“Ahddi,” “Cool Kiz on the Block,” “Jinhon,” “Rainbow,” “The Hole,” and “Hoop Stars”) will be composed of celebrities. The seventh, “Women’s Press,” will be composed of the nation’s top women’s basketball players, including previous national representatives and still active professional players.

Over 10 weeks, from January 15 to March 19, the seven teams will go head to head on the court. Four teams will go to the playoffs, and the winner will be determined by a championship game. A total of three basketball matches will take place every Thursday, one at 3 p.m., 5 p.m., and then at 7 p.m., KST. MBC Sports Plus will always live broadcast the 5 p.m. games but will broadcast only one of the other two games.

“Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival” is organized and sponsored by MBC Sports Plus and Hanstar Media, the entities behind the ongoing four-year-old celebrity baseball league.

The opening match on January 15 will be between “Rainbow” and “Jinhon.” It will be followed by an opening ceremony and then two more games, “Cool Kiz on the Block” vs. “Ahddi,” and “The Hole” vs. “Women Press.”

The team rosters are as follows:

“Cool Kiz on the Block”: Seo Ji Suk, Park Jin Young, John Park, g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo, Julien Kang, among others.

“Ahddi”: Lee Se Jun, SHINee’s Minho, Shin Yong Jae, Ryan Kim, and David Oh, among others.

“Jinhon”: Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Ki Woo, Lee Chun Hee, Shin Sung Rok, andSon Heun Su, among others.

“Rainbow”: 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon, Lim Hyung Suk, Na Yoon Kwon, and Heo In Chang, among others.

“The Hole” aka the gagman team: Lim Hyuk Pil, Song Joon Geun, Kim Jae Wook, Yoo Min Sang, Kim Ji Ho, Park Hwee Soon, among others.

“Hoop Stars”: Double K, Sangchu, No Min Hyuk, Shim Ji Ho, Oh Jong Hyuk, and Kim Heung Soo, among others.

“Women’s Press”: Park Yoon Sun, Kim Jeong Min, Lee Hye Kyung, Kim Soo Hee, Kim Jung Mi, and Yang Hyo Jin, among others.


Source 2

Additionally, here are more pictures of Lee Sang Yoon mingling with his adoring fans at the IGIS Charity Event that was held on December 27, 2014.   It must be quite an experience for the fans judging by the wide grin on each and every fan’s face 🙂



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[Video] Flashback : Lee Sang Yoon as the handsome Prince Gwanghae in Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi

Memorable portrayal of Prince Gwanghae by Lee Sang Yoon but sadly, the drama did not fare well in the ratings 🙂

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[Photos] Lee Sang Yoon’s new year greetings to his Japan Fan Club, WING


Photos Cr: LeeSangYunJapan and Baidu LSY Bar

Looks like Lee Sang Yoon is growing his bangs!  There’s a slight resemblance to the hairstyle that Woo Jin sported towards the end of Liar Game’s finale!  Is this a sign of him reprising the genius swindler’s role in Liar Game Season 2? Wishful thinking, I know XD2015-01-07

What do fans reckon of the rather longish bangs with a side parting?? 🙂

Personally, Lee Sang Yoon rocks with this cool Ha Woo Jin bangs ❤



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[Video and Photos] 20141227 Lee Sang Yoon at IGIS Charity Event

Watch a short video clip of Lee Sang Yoon at the IGS Charity Bazaar held on December 27, 2014 courtesy of YBLS Naver Cafe. He seemed to be enjoying himself by the side drinking a bottle of Chilsung Cider while watching the auction proceedings ❤


Source : YBLS

According to Hanstar, Lee Sang Yoon auctioned off a “back-hug” to a fan for KRW100,000!!!  An unforgettable night for this fangirl XD


More photos courtesy of LSY DC Gallery and YBLS Naver Cafe 🙂



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“Liar Game” – Best Thriller and Best Adaptation in 2014

Dramabeans : 2014 Editors’ Picks [Year in Review, Part 6]



HeadsNo2: Smart, sleek, and tightly written, Liar Game was a psychological thriller of the highest order, not to mention one of the year’s best dramas overall. Tension came from all quarters, with a devious villain, an enormous cash sum, and a reality show where you can win it all if you not only sell your soul, but cheat your neighbor out of his. The game structure drove the narrative, a truly standout cast of characters shone, and each round brought with it its own unique set of challenges and seemingly insurmountable odds, bringing us to the edge of our collective seat by pitting a smart, scheming good guy against an equally smart, equally scheming, but way less good guy. Their confrontations alone were the stuff of any drama watcher’s dreams, almost as if Liar Game faced the usual pitfalls of its genre and said to itself, “I have a way to win.” And win it did.

Beating out other Nominees for “Best Thriller”:
Bad Guys
God’s Gift–14 Days



gummimochi: In a sea of remakes and adaptations offered this year, Liar Game proved that it’s possible to tell the same story, make it your own, and make it awesome. The psychological thriller taught us that virtually anyone could be pushed to the edge of morality (and sometimes beyond) when tempted with a whiff of cold, hard cash. The lessons remained the same from its manga roots to the 2007 Japanese live-action to the Korean adaptation, although this version took a few liberties, sometimes even for the better. By turning a mirror on itself and setting its stage in a reality show, this Liar Game turned a cynical lens and satirical eye on the very kind of entertainment it provides. Purists might see that as gaps preventing this show from being the perfect adaptation, but it was one hell of an entertaining watch from start to finish. Not even lyin’.

Other Nominees
Cantabile Tomorrow
Fated To Love You
Three Musketeers


HeadsNo2: Dangerous and smart (and dangerously smart), Liar Game’s Gamemaster embodied a man utterly unburdened by morality and hollow inside. His determination to lay bare people’s greed and show them for who they really were made him a darker breed of villain—he wasn’t out to claim anything for himself, only to peel off the hypocrisy people wear as a mask. Add that to his ability to read and manipulate people without them ever realizing, plus his talent for articulating his warped worldview into actual sense, and you got a mirror reflecting our deepest and most ugly truths right back at us. A villain who’s out to prove that we’re the real villains? What could be scarier?

Other Nominees including Shin Sung Rok himself 😛
Han Seok-kyu (Secret Door)
Lee Joon (Gap-dong)
Shin Sung-rok (You From Another Star)
Yoo Oh-sung (Joseon Gunman)


Aah, if only “Liar Game” has “A Way To Win” awards in reality like it has in the virtual world XD  Better luck for Season Two!!



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